Ivan Ljubicic, former ATP No.3, Davis Cup winner

I have been working with Dalibor last 3 years of my career. He was helped me a lot to be able to play at high level during period where my body was not anymore in best years for professional sport. Working with him I founded that every athlete is unique, regarding his physical capacity and injury history and that’s why same training programs may not work for everybody.






Riccardo Piatti, tennis coach

Dalibor combines functional training with corrective movement approach. He’s always trying to address dysfunctional movement patterns first and then progressively adds volume and intensity to athletic training. This is very similar to my philosophy of tennis practice where we need to resolve technical problem first if we want to improve the game. With his method he had results with many players so far regardless of theirs age.





Massimo Sartori, tennis coach

In year 2012 Dalibor entered in our team and since then we had 2 best years, Andreas did his best ATP ranking number 18., playing best tennis of his career but even more important he was completely injury free for entire two seasons.
















Andreas Seppi, professional tennis player

Since we start to work together I "grew up physically". We spend a lot of time working on injury prevention and functional, movement-based training. Since then I'm feeling much better on the court with less energy expenditure and with more fluid movements during play.











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  • Ivan Ljubicic
  • Riccardo Piatti
  • Massimo Sartori
  • Andreas Seppi

Dalibor Širola

"Our most important duties as strength and conditioning coaches fall into two categories: decreasing the rate of injuries and increasing general athleticism."