Dalibor Sirola

Dalibor is the founder and originator of the Sirola training method. Through continuous development and improvement, a method which proved to be very successful in training of both recreationists and professional athletes from various sport disciplines has been created. Its originator was born in Rijeka, Croatia, in 1972, and has today more than 20 years work experience in fitness industry, rehabilitation and physical performance. He started his career working as fitness instructor and personal trainer attending at the same time the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. He has also obtained the Functional Movement Screening Certified Expert licence.

- In 2003, together with Dean Mistura, in Rijeka he founded "SCIPION”, recreational and rehabilitation centre which, over the years, became widely known centre for physical rehabilitation, kinesiotherapy, recreational fitness as well as the centre for physical performance of athletes of all ages and categories.

- In 2009 he started to collaborate with famous Croatian tennis player Ivan Ljubičić and his tennis coach Riccardo Piatti 

- In 2011 he became one of the coaches responsible for physical performance in the Piatti Tennis Team starting, at the same time, to educate young conditional trainers mostly in Italy and Croatia

- In 2012 he started to work with Andreas Seppi, Italian Davis Cup player

- In summer 2013, at the invitation of Ivan Ljubičić, now coach, he started to be in charge of physical performance of Canadian player Miloš Raonić


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  • Ivan Ljubicic
  • Riccardo Piatti
  • Massimo Sartori
  • Andreas Seppi


"The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline"